Up and down! Up and down! From the base of the wave to the billow’s crown; And amidst the flashing a

A quote from Barry Cornwall—'The Stormy Petrel'.

Whilst living in the Middle East for more than a decade I often partook of regular Pelagic boat trips into the Gulf of Oman, sailing from the East Coast of the United Arab Emirates. These started in 2010 and still run to this day (albeit infrequently now). We were pioneering at the time as these were the first pelagic trips run from the UAE. As such we recorded several firsts over the years. Several of my friends, Oscar Campbell, Mark Smiles, Huw Roberts, Jacky Judas and Tommy Pedersen got together and produced a paper based on the Pelagic records "Gulf of Oman: analysis of seabird records of boat trips from the east coast of the United Arab Emirates 2010–2016"

If you would like to read this interesting document on UAE Pelagic birds then click here

Here are some personal images from my trips.

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